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My name is Phil Ramage, and I want to discuss with all of the people around the world, who either participate in, or watch sport of any kind, about the huge variety of sports that are played and watched with enthusiasm all over Asia and Australasia. I am originally a Scotsman but I have lived in South East Asia and Australia for over 30 years and I am now an Australian citizen. I currently live with my Thai wife of nearly 30 years and adopted daughter on the outskirts of Bangkok.

But why is Asian sports important to you and the whole sporting world?

  • Asia’s Huge Population

    Consider the total population of China, the Indian sub-continent, Indonesia, together with the rest of Asia; and you will come up with an enormous total. Currently this huge population dominates a few world-wide sports, table tennis for example, as well as there own unique ones, but it is only time before they dominate a lot more.

  • Improving Economies

    During the 20th century, the development of Asian sport was held back, not only by China’s isolationism, but, more importantly, the region’s lack of economic strength. Asians were too busy trying to feed and house themselves to worry about sporting endeavors and sporting facilities for the masses. Now, as things change, quickly in China and India, but still at a reasonable pace in the rest of the region, it is not now only the privileged few that can fulfill their education and sporting potential. The vast majority of the population now have the opportunity to dominate the world in any sport if they have the necessary skills and determination to succeed.

  • The Technological Revolution

    The advent of satellite television and the Internet have allowed Asians to witness Western sports and the skills of Western sportsmen and women. They see the huge prize money on offer, and if an American earning an average American wage, thinks that the spoils of victory in many sports are gigantic, just imagine how a Cambodian earning $5 a day feels about them. Asians have always been passionate about sport, but suddenly the horizon of possibilities have opened up to such an amazing extent that it is almost unbelievable.

To Sum Up

Look out for a HUGE influx of Asian champions in the coming couple of decades, as well as more Western involvement in traditional Eastern sports of all kinds. I hope you all will find all or most of my blogs of interest and all of you will contribute regularly. I will reply to all genuine comments. I am a semi-retired Chartered Accountant who has recently turned his hand to Internet Marketing and writing articles. As you can see at the top of the screen, my blogs fit under one of three categories: “Asian Sport”, “Australasian Sport”, and “Western Sport in Asia”. All of these topics should be of interest to all sports lovers around thee world. Each category can be accessed either by clicking on the appropriate link in the top left, or on one of the menu selections across the top. The sitemap also contains a table which lists all of the articles in alphabetical order, and where they can be found.


Phil Ramage

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